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Planet, Habitable
7 Moons, 1 Submoon


Ravellyn is the homeworld for all life in the Lysbringer system. With thousands of years of history and civilizations, the planet has ### countries with many epic cities.

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The Ravellyn Spaceport brings you to the country of Timeguard, so this page will focus on this country. To view other countries, click this button!


Timeguard is one of the oldest kingdoms on Ravellyn. With over 2500 years of history, there have been many kings and kingdoms in the region over time, as well as the disappearance of priceless artifacts... Today, Timeguard has evolved into one of the superpowers of the planet, leading the way of space travel in the galaxy. As a citizen you are free to purchase housing, land, and explore the seven cities of Timeguard!


Central is the capital city of Timeguard, spanning from the modern skyscrapers to it's many historical buildings. This city is home to Central Academy, Moongard Bank, and the parliament of Timeguard.

Chaka City

Chaka City is the oldest known city on planet Ravellyn. The city is full of countless skyscrapers. From the sandy Dexville District all the way to it's residential housing, this city spans between 2 harbours.

Nexus City

Nexus City is the hub of the planet, uniting all cities together worldwide through teleportation fast travel, as well as every other method of travel available. This is one of the technology centres of the world.

Sunrise City

Sunrise City is right on the coast of Timeguard. With beautiful sparkling waters and gorgeous buildings, this is one of the most lovely cities on Ravellyn.


Oceanguard is a city on the water, with the biggest harbour in all of Timeguard. Oceanguard is a city, but also consists of multiple islands throughout the ocean.


Eventyr is an industrial city, with many factories and acres of farmland. The city is also home to the world's biggest theme park! Eventyr is prone to cold temperatures and snow.


Stimston littered with crime, poverty, overpopulation, and pollution. The entire city is a government-approved dumping ground for waste and sewage, yet it still runs rampant with people. Some argue this city is worse than Hevile.

Notable Places

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