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YouTube Survey Response 2019

This was my response to a 2019 YouTube survey. I feel I put my heart on the line with my response, which is why I would like to share them with you here.

Why are you very dissatisfied with YouTube as a place for video creators today?

I take these surveys seriously as YouTube is my #1 passion. The general mood on YouTube right now is very dull and a mixture of angry and annoyed... but annoyed to the point where it feels like the platform is letting us down.

After the recent child content thing with COPPA, creators are being heavily impacted. While I know this update is beyond YouTube's control, it feels like creators are being brushed to the side. The guidelines to follow are still very unclear on topics like "what about content for everyone, like Minecraft or something?" I have also seen people very concerned about the rumoured $42,000 per video if a creator messes up on marking a video - and this was not addressed at all.

I have been creating on YouTube for almost 10 years now - and just hit 100K subscribers recently. I wonder if I will ever be able to hit one million before the platform is no more. Seriously.

Creators are being severely limited - we can't post content that appeals to children (beyond your control, I know), but we can't post content that is mature either because of demonetization. So the only content allowed is Late Night Talk shows and tech reviews? I feel that the only way to save the platform is to lighten up on mature content - just like on TV. Commercials are seen all the time on mature TV shows, yet it doesn't matter for them.

After this new update I feel that the entire platform is panicking and scrambling. I have tried to diffuse it by calming people down, but I still get countless messages from people asking for clarification on this update.

Next, I want to point out how YouTube treats creators. We feel so disconnected from the platform it isn't even funny. I recently found the hidden rating system in YouTube HTML and made a video on it. Immediately after it was patched - Why? Why is YouTube so secretive? Because I don't have at least 10 million subscribers, I feel like nothing on this platform, and that really sucks man. YouTube, right now, isn't a place for creators at all. Please, please fix this.

Thank you!

Seriously - these have been an amazing 10 years, and I hope there will be more to come.

I honestly feel that YouTube has lost it's touch with creators. I speak for many when I say it feels like YouTube cares about select few, mostly celebrities and corporations. While things like creator awards are nice, we know that the platform will terminate any channel if the media speaks out against it. We know you hear our concerns, and we know you knowingly ignore them.

Please. PLEASE find your way back to your roots - the creators. You have helped us so much. Let us help you. Simply ask us and we will be there - open forms for us to contribute ideas to, or something like that. I love YouTube, and truly want it to be great.

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