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Citizens Demand Another Mayor

The citizens of Airville demand another mayor election. People have interviewed Airville Mayor, Bob Murphy Jr.'s wife in her house, and have gotten away with a photo from the house. The interviewers came home with a photo of Bob's mirror, and on the shelf, was many cups. Airville doesn't have many cups, and the cups on his mirror shelf were more than half the cups in Airville. There is even 1 yellow goblet, and another red cup at Bob's computer.

Cups that are on Mayor Bob Murphy's mirror shelf

There are protests going around the town hall. People have found out that at one time, Bob Murphy Jr.'s son went missing. Bob did nothing about it. No missing children clips on T.V. or on the radio. He did not report it to the police, or put up posters. Nothing, for his own son. After one year he got his son back, and how do you think his son felt? Now the citizens of Airville are wondering how Bob Murphy Jr. is going to treat the young children in Airville. Bob Murphy said he will do things for Airville. He has not made new homes and businesses, like he said. He said he would make a better health care system, yet has not done anything. He said he would give back to the community, so then why is his house so big, he has a HUGE satellite, and why is his car so AWESOME?!? He wanted the economy wealthy, but the banks don't have much money. He said more healthy restaurants, but none have appeared. The protests have been going on for days now, and he is just waiting inside his office. On June 12, 2013, he actually stepped onto his balcony, without a word.

Picture From the Protest

Picture From the Protest

Picture From the Protest

Picture From the Protest

Picture From the Protest

The C.S.A. Guarding The Town Hall's Doors

Picture From the Protest

Bob Murphy's Car

Bob Murphy's Big Satellite

Bob Murphy's House

Bob Murphy On the Balcony.

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