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YouTube Rewinds That Are Actually Good

Notice The Dislikes?

Latest Rewind

It's the end of 2022, which means it's time for YouTube Rewind 2022 but it actually exists! Since YouTube cancelled YouTube Rewind, I decided to make one for you - so here is the REAL YouTube Rewind 2022, which includes awesome notable memes from the year, as well as prominent creators and milestones - such as MrBeast reaching 100 million, Dream's face reveal, PewDiePie moving to Japan, In Space With Markiplier and so much more! It's a perfect YouTube 2022 recap :) You will love this version of 2022 YouTube Rewind because it has so much and, yes, ACTUALLY EXISTS!


YouTube Rewind has continuously been, well, bad. 2018 was definitely a low point, 2019 was mediocre, and 2020 it didn't even exist. This playlist is home to my versions of YouTube Rewind - where I create a better YouTube Rewind.

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