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YouTube Glitches

Explaining the unexplainable

Latest Episode

There is a YouTube video that is actually uploaded before Me At The Zoo, making it the real first video on YouTube! If you view the video, it says it was uploaded on April 5, 2005, which is BEFORE Jawed Me At The Zoo. So, this really is the first YouTube video ever, even before Me At The Zoo! But... how is this possible? How is there a YouTube video uploaded before Me At The Zoo? What is the first video on YouTube really? How is the first video not Me At The Zoo by Jawed? Was there a video before Me At The Zoo? Was is the real first YouTube video ever? What is the Welcome to YouTube video? Is this a YouTube glitch or is it the real first ever video on YouTube? Find out here, because I know the answer!! :)


Timeworks videos showing epic YouTube glitches, from glitches on videos, comments, and more!

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