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The Timeworks Chronicles

History and Records

Latest Episode

In this video we venture into the Google Graveyard, a website known as Killed by Google. This site serves as a list of old discontinued Google products and services, as well as old YouTube features that have been lost and removed. Together we uncover forgotten old YouTube features that have been discontinued or removed over time, some of them well loved. From changes in YouTube history to questionable moves by Google, I look into all of Google's past. So many useless things rightfully removed, like Google+, but also some beloved services like Google Hangouts, Google Domains, and the YouTube dislike button. Rediscover with me old Google apps, old Google features, and old YouTube vs YouTube. I show you the things Google got rid of, the features YouTube removed, and the evolution of this company...


Exploring crazy internet history and records! Includes YouTube history and world records, and more!

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