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YouTube Play Button Event!

Hi everyone! We have a YouTube Play Button event!

Submit a picture of a play button you made and it will probably be featured in an upcoming video!


-You have to make it

-Can be digital (Photoshop, or even Minecraft lol) or physical

-It can be for any channel you choose, big or small

-It can even be for your channel

-It can be for any milestone: An existing award (100K, 1M, 10M, 50M) or a custom milestone (100, 1000, 10K, 100M, etc.)

Submit it on the events section of my Discord server, or DM me on Insta or Twitter


Have fun! :)


Mkay everyone, new event! Make a YouTube play button (digital, physical, doesn't matter) and put a picture of it in #frolic-friday

It can be a simple 100K or 1M plaque, a 10M award, a custom 50M or 100M

Or any other milestone you can think of

It can be for your channel, or any other YouTuber!

Get going friends!

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