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YouTube Growth Formula • Timeworks

I continuously get asked how I got to over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Ten years ago I had 0 subscribers, and have heavily researched "how to get big" across the internet. Here, I will tell you EXACTLY how to get big on YouTube, cutting out the rather useless advice that over-saturates the platform. Here are some tips on how to get big on YouTube.


1 - Be consistent and upload regularly.

The only way to grow on YouTube is to make videos. Make it your passion. You have to commit to YouTube by dedicating as much time as possible to it. Things can get hard, but never let the numbers distract you. I personally have noticed that when my views go down, it often happens when I haven't made a video in a while. Kind of makes sense right? Do YouTube because you love it, without expecting results.

2 - Post content that has never been done before.

Find your niche (type of videos) and do something unique within it. You have to “provide a service” to viewers that has not been provided before. For example, PewDiePie’s YouTube channel started off with gaming videos. It was not growing because everyone was posting gaming videos. His channel only started to grow when he stuck solely to horror video games. Nobody was doing this, so his channel stood out, and grew from there. Nobody will subscribe if you are just like every other YouTuber.

3 - Dream

Make sure you have goals set to reach, and be delusional about them. You have to really believe that you will succeed to the point where you aren't doubting anything. Trick your mind into making it believe you have 1 million subscribers - but don't expect anything to happen. This ties to #1, make sure to have fun.


These aren't apart of the formula, but are still important!

4 - Audience retention & stuff:

Have videos with a good opening that will keep the viewer watching. Hint at what you will be doing within the video to make them stay. Be sure to clickbait with integrity - basically it’s okay to clickbait, only if its actually in the video. You sort of have to clickbait on YouTube these days. Example: MrBeast has thumbnails and titles that are ‘clickbait-y,” but he actually does what his titles say.

5 - Promotion:

Really wouldn’t recommend it. If you keep making unique videos, you’ll be found eventually!

6 - Metadata:

Titles and thumbnails are the most important. Make your thumbnails simple, striking, and vibrant. Make your titles simple but intriguing (Example: "Does T-Series Sub Bot? (ANSWERED!)" - This title asks a question and states that it has the answer. Paired with a striking thumbnail, it got 2.5 million views.) Detailed descriptions are 3rd in line; use up all tags possible, and be sure to use about 3 hashtags in descriptions. Make sure your tags can be found within sentences of your paragraph description.

7 - Seize Opportunities:

Once you have been uploading consistently, if an opportunity arises, seize it. If one of your videos does really well, then make a second part. This snowballs the process of growing.


Next, I have noticed a lot of "how to grow on YouTube" videos clouding the platform. After years of watching them, I have only found a select few actually helpful. Here is a playlist to them:

The first on the list is a must-watch (I took this video to heart and it really really helps).

The two videos by PewDiePie I found helpful & inspiring.

The Casey Neistat video has very important advice in the last 5 minutes.

Finally, here are some YouTube algorithm tips I have made:

While these are helpful, the first playlist is WAY more important.

Hope this was helpful and good luck!


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