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Where We Droppin' Boys? (Fortnite IRL) // Script

Fortnite Battle Royale Skit (By Nickolas)

Scene 1: Montage of a guy playing Fortnite everywhere.

Scene 2: Friend is out with him, but he’s playing the game instead of playing with him.

“Where we dropping boiz”


He doesn’t respond. The guy asks him what he’s playing.


“Okay… so this is a new popular game?”


“What ever happened to Overwatch, or League of Legends, or Minecraft, or-”

“Can you be quiet, I’m trying to-”

Gun fire.

They run and find a guy shooting at them. There is a gun on the ground.

The other guy is completely oblivious to what is happening, but follows him.

He shoots him.

“Where did you get that gun??”

“There’s only 2 players left!”


“Us. I’m sorry.”


He chases him with the gun, and shoots him.

It turns back into real life.

“Well, got out of that one.”


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