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What To Add To Airville?

Can Anybody Help Me? I Have Some Room In My LEGO City, Airville, And I have Everything, It Seems.

What I Have: Construction Site, 2 Coffee Shops, 2 Hotels, Flower Store, A Market, News Tower, Apartments, Church/Temple, Pet Store, Vet, A Mall, Several Stores, 2 Fire Stations, KFC, Pizza Shop, Fancy Restaurant, Museum, Car Dealership, Sports Shop, Bus Stops, Cinema, Town Hall, Grocery Store, Diagon Alley (Hidden), Octan Tower, Library, Post Office, Gym, Garbage Place/Dump/Bottle Depot, Train Station, A Carousel, Theme Park, Hospital, Clinics, Dentist (Every Emergancy or Health Care Thing Is Covered), A Park, Police Station with Jail ,Stage, High School,Elementary School, Gas Station, Cargo Loading Area, Residential Houses, Arena, Beach, Docks, Ocean, Universities, Preschools, Day Cares, Car Wash, Black Market, Hair Salon, and a Military Base.

I Cant Think Of Anything Else, and I have one empty building and one empty skyscraper left. I am open to any suggestions!


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