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What Makes Us Mediocre // About Us

What is Timeworks?

Mediocre Content

You might be thinking, "why would you call your content mediocre?" The real answer to that is because being cynical and negative is probably trendy, and at Timeworks we like to keep up with trends.

On a more serious note, Timeworks Studios produces a bundle of entertaining videos for you to watch. With new videos every day, you may find yourself looking for more as you watch from our various series. We post about random fun things on YouTube, serious YouTube News, epic memes, fan submissions, cool vlogs, gaming and more across multiple channels!! Check our YouTube to see it all! :)

our story

since 2010

Since 2010 we have been creating and uploading videos to YouTube. It started on a channel called harrypotter6430 where cool LEGO stop motion films were created, along with some rather terrible content.

Over the years and a couple small channels later we come to 2016, where TheChaka was born. This channel was made for basically everything. Some really random videos were uploaded here, including gameplay and vlogs.

Finally in 2017, the Timeworks channel was revealed. If you look back you can see it started off with storytelling. Random story-driven series and films were uploaded until new series took it's place - our content shifted from stories to vlogs and YouTube-related videos such as news and updates.

And that is where we are now! Who knows where the future will take us, but we hope you will join us to see!

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