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Watch Out For This Discord QR Scam

Hey @everyone! A new scam has been going around Discord as of recently and has started to even affect some of our more reputable members.

You'll be DM'd an invite to a server from a user on your friends list for some reason, the user will try to convince you to join it. Once you're in, you'll need to verify yourself - mainly via a QR code. DON'T SCAN IT! This will get the account (that your device is logged into) hijacked at any moment. Whether it takes your login credentials, account token, etc. This is more of an unsafe method of verifying your identity to talk in a server in the first place, we wouldn't recommend doing that for your own safety.

Prevent yourself from getting these DMs in the first place by disabling DMs in the bigger public servers you're in. You can do this via your user or server Privacy Settings. If you see a DM like that coming from a user that is in this server please DM @Nótt (or an online staff member) with screenshot evidence and the user's ID.

Stay safe, and thanks for your attention!

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