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UFO's, Winged Species, Or Simply Balloons

Many witnesses claimed to have seen weird things in the skies of Airville. It all starts with the LEGO Aeronautics and Space Administration (LASA). LASA's SWEG-42.0 satellite picked up 6 fast and small moving objects. 5 of them were faster than the other, but some of the sixth one was not visible. Heat radar from the satellite did show that there was a big object there, but was not visible. A security camera, the same of which that caught Bob Murrphy's death, but then relocated, got a glimpse of these objects. The camera, having wireless connection with the Airville Police Department (APD), notified the police about these UFO's. They sent out a helicopter with a camera, which also flew by during Bob Murrphy's death, took videos and pictures of six mysterious flying objects, one of which the pilot could not see. Octan military air force got eight flying objects. The other two were the helicopter and a mail plane going in to land at Airville International Airport. The pilot, former crime scene investigator, saw these objects and took a picture with a camera that he says he has used for everything, from all crime scenes, to his holidays. The pilot was in aircraft NN-7732, could see a black, winged figure through his blurry windows and the camera. Residents of the houses below the commotion took pictures and they said after a few seconds, the mysterious objects left and headed on. Some residents of the neighbourhood insist that these are only balloons. People that were driving by had stopped to see what was going on, and took pictures of the sky. One driver took a clear photo that showed the invisible-to-some creature, the same camera that was used in the famous 2014 Airville zombie apocalypse. The Drivers claim that shortly after the objects left that people in funny clothes and holding sticks appeared out of nowhere, and went straight to everybody that says they were balloons. The driver claims that the funny people said that they were from the department of (driver forgets word) reversal squad, and they work in the obliviator headquarters. They also said something about charms and memories. The air force believes that these objects are UFO's, and further investigation will be done.

The SWEG-42.0

Security camera present for Bob's death

Aircraft NN-7732

Pilot of NN-7732

Winged creature through blurry windows

Car Witness Photo

Resident's Photo

Helicopter Photo

Helicopter Photo

Helicopter Photo

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