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Timeworks DM Update

Hey gamers

I kinda took 2 months to get to all my DMs, but after going through 9K+ in the last few hours I'm done! From now on I'll check them weekly.

Here's how DMs work for me, because ofc there are some that I didn't reply to. (some got lost this time around too, sorry about that)

Basically I have a 0.5 second attention span for every DM. If I see spam, pings, attempted calls, sobbing emojis/being sad that I haven't replied yet, rick astley, 'free nitro' links, or server invites, I click away instantly and skip the entire DM without reading it. I ignore DMs with that kinda stuff in it automatically in half a second lol. I also may skip a message if it is confusing to read after like 2 seconds, cuz there are a lot to get to.

Also note I don't click any weird links, so no point in sending them. I also don't play videos sent in discord because it takes up too much time.

I also get really annoyed when people get angry at me for not crediting them in a video. I don't have to credit, but I always credit the first person to show me something if it makes it in a video. If you weren't credited, you weren't first. If I see that, I skip the entire DM without replying lol.

Other than those exceptions, I try to reply to everyone! Just note that I judge each DM in about 0.5 seconds, so dont do anything that I mentioned above and you'll probably get a reply lol. If you leave the server I can't reply as I only accept DMs from users in this server. I have replied to hundreds of people that have left, and so they never got their response... Fly On!

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