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Timeworks DM Problem

Hello everyone - it has finally come to that point where I'm getting too many DMs to handle. I've always tried to respond to every single person who messages me on any social media platform, but that has slowly been harder and harder to do. First I ignored Facebook messages, and then turned off my Twitter DMs. I then ignored Instagram because messages kept on piling up...

And now: Discord. I try to reply to everyone, but its just so hard. It takes hours and hours every day trying to keep on top of things, and if I leave it alone for even just a day or two I'm back at 2000+ messages.

It's finally time where I have check DMs less, but just know that I am not turning off DMs. You can continue to message me on discord or email me at - there will be a 100% chance I see your message and read it, but about a 10% chance I will reply. If I don't reply I am really sorry, just know I read your message and am grateful you took the time to send something :)

You can message me whatever you want: video ideas, fan art, memes, or if you just wanna talk. I will see your message, but I'm very very sorry that I won't be able to reply to everyone. I really wish I could always reply to everyone of you amazing people, but its just impossible now. I watched a lot of YouTubers and always thought it would be cool if they responded to messages, which is why I always wanted to keep that up with you guys. I never really felt like a YouTuber - I'm surprised people even watch my videos, so I thought the least I could do is respond to the people who keep me going. But now it's too crazy. I have really enjoyed talking to you all and wish there was a way it was still possible to respond to every single person.

I'm very sorry, I love you all. Fly On 💙

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