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The Launch of Timeworks Bricks!

I am excited to announce the official launch of Timeworks Bricks! This is my LEGO channel, where I upload videos about new sets that I have got, LEGO news, as well as city updates and creations!

This channel used to be InfinityBricks, and has simply been renamed. One day all the old InfinityBricks videos will be rereleased, but until then you still have some exciting videos to go over. The content has not changed one bit on this channel which is interesting, the only problem is that I don't seem to have as much space for LEGO as I used to.

Which of course, bring us to the plans for this channel. In the next few years I hope to grow this channel to be something epic. One day I will finally have space to put a bunch of tables and start my LEGO city, Airville, again permanently. I have over 300 sets in my room and closet, and for the longest time I have always wanted a huge city layout for the sets to be apart of.

I will film updates as the city progresses, as well as showing off my own creations! I do also have some stop motion series planned for way in the future, but at the moment I just don't have the resources to make my vision happen yet fully for this channel. And of course, that is okay as I have other projects for now! Hope you enjoy what I can post to Timeworks Bricks for the time being. Fly On!

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2 comentários

Clovis Sorer
Clovis Sorer
05 de set. de 2021

Great video AND channel Nick! You are an idol!


Michael Pylypiak-Clancy
Michael Pylypiak-Clancy
31 de ago. de 2021


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