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The Fall of Octan

Recently, a great revolt from a gang who call themselves 'Master Builders' revolutionized the world. The members have been in hiding for over a decade, or around the time when President Business came into office. One 'Master Builder' said, "We have been hunted down since day one of his rise to power. We all went into hiding." Another one reported, "We tried to revolt once before, but that resulted in almost all of us getting captured." After learning plans that President Business had, the Master Builders had few days to revolt. "He was threatening the world with a weapon of mass destruction, a weapon from beyond the stars," an astronaut named Benny said. Three days before President Business would use his weapon, the Master Builders found a piece, called the Piece of Resistance, which somehow disarms the weapon, also know as the Kragle. The Master Builders entered Octan Tower with intent to stop the president. Unfortunately, they were captured and the Piece of Resistance was thrown into a 'void.' At some point, the Master Builders broke out of their restraints and warned the world of President Business's attack. A man named Emmet Brickowski, who the Master Builders call 'The Special,' retrieved the Piece of Resistance, and disarmed the Kragle. President Business's army crumbled, and he was left with nothing but a changed heart.

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