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SUPER UPDATES! News 2016-2

Hello Chakas!

Here is some AWESOME recent news!!

So, as it is summer, I am going to get more into video making! Yay.

I will try to actually stick to my "promise" about uploading 1 new video each day!!!

Some things that are new:

-We have NEW channel art! I have updated this art on most of our social media sites! (Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Google+, YouTube, SoundCloud) (Except Instagram)

-We have a new icon! I have also updated it across all of our social media sites (Except SoundCloud)

Here it is:

Some more new things:

-We are now starting a NEW let's play series! It is on the South Park: The Stick of Truth game

-We have a new channel description

That's all that is new!! Now, here is some things that will be happening in the future:

-I am working on a NEW INTRO, but with the same music

-Along with a new intro, there will also be a new outro

-I was thinking of getting the channel on a new social media platform thing: INSTAGRAM

It's just a thought.

UPDATE: We have it now! Check out links! -I also want to do some collaboration with other YouTubers my size, so if you want, contact me! -I need a new microphone, and I want to get one soon -We will soon be starting a GTA 5 Story Mode Let's Play, but I don't know when That's all for the future! I want post of blogger more often, so that is my plan! That's all for now, cya Chakas!!

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