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Some say that solutions to pollution are to walk instead of go by car. Although that is sort of a solution, but what if your destination is too far away, and you need to go by car or bus. Our answer to that is to use our idea, and still drive a car. The car will NOT be ran by gasoline (Sorry big greedy and not caring about the Earth oil gas company's), but the car will be ran by water.

Why is it that governments, company's, and scientists all say that we do NOT have the technology to run cars with water? We already HAVE that technology (A friend of mine knows somebody that knows how to make that stuff), yet they say we don't because they only care about themselves and want to get more money from gas for themselves, and they do NOT care about the environment AT ALL. Gasoline pollutes. Look at cars. You see all of that pollution coming out of it's exhaust pipe. Where does all of that pollution go? In the sky, and everywhere. It harms the atmosphere, and could eventually destroy it, making Earth's oxygen leak out into space.

Water, does not pollute. Look at the clouds. Where do they come from? The sun soaks up puddles of water and water on the ground and brings it up to the sky. The water then forms a mist type thing (That is why you can fall through clouds, its water, not fluff), which is called clouds. Then, it rains, and all of that water goes on the ground. Then, the sun takes action again, and it repeats. So, water forms in the sky, then drops. So if water or mist comes out of our exhaust pipes, then it wont pollute the air, it will just collect and form clouds, then will be rained down on us.

From there, if we can find a good way to get that rain water coming down, then we can reuse it instead of using gasoline that will just harm the Earth. We seem to get lots of energy from using dams, so why cant we somehow make a turbine inside of our car that makes energy for the car to run?

We don't know why electric cars have not became a big thing, or why people say that water powered car technology isn't invented, but it just shows how much people do not care about how much impact we are doing to the environment, and it also shows how much people do not care about wildlife, or even the whole world. People only care about money, and about themselves. Why? We don't know, but they should think about this: The Earth will be here much longer that us, so is 100 years of destroying the Earth better than 100 years of the Earth staying clean? (Answer = 100 years of the Earth staying clean is better.)

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