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Simon Says Discord Event!

HEY @everyone! I’m happy to announce that WE’RE HAVING A SIMON SAYS EVENT!

Time (convert on google if needed):

11:00 am PST

6:00 pm GMT

2:00 pm EST

1:00 pm CDT

7:00 pm BST

• We’ll be playing Simon Says in the ⁠#🤠|simon-says channel! If you aren’t familiar with the game make sure to read the “how to play” that’s in the channel. The event starts in 24 hours from now - If you have any questions feel free to ask @EVENTS TEAM members! As always, we’ll be awarding the top 3 winners of the game - don’t be upset if you don’t win this event, there’s always next time! And of course, i’ll be the simon!


@Gold Medal 🥇 • 1 month classic nitro, video shoutout + 500 flowers

@Silver Medal 🥈 • featured channel promotion & 500 flowers

@Bronze Medal 🥉 • 500 flowers

How do you enter?

• You can sign up for the event by reacting to a message with “⏳”to attain the @Event Participant role which will give you access to the ⁠🤠|simon-says channel when the event starts! Once we reach 85 reactions, the message will be deleted so make sure to react and be there for the event.

Please do not keep your status as “invisible”, you MUST have it as Online, Idle or DnD. Also keep in mind the server rules!!

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