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Save Orca Whales

Also known as Killer Whales, orca whales are mistreated very often. They are intelligent creatures which are actually kind of like humans. They can actually think, and know what is important. When aquariums or other places that have orca whales, they take the babies. They are separated from their parents. When the babies are gone, their mothers let out a huge, long cry. Like us, we wouldn't want our friends or family taken from us, so why do we do it to orcas? Then, they are put in a big tub of water. It is big to us, but to them it is the size of a bathtub. We need to help these orcas. They are mistreated, abused, and go through so much. They go crazy and kill people. That is why they are called killer whales. They kill people because we have done something to them. All for watching them swim around and do tricks. Help support now. Tell your friends. Do everything you can.


Green Defenders


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