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Right to Repair?

Manufacturers make products so you cannot fix them. They do this for one reason: money. Instead of customers saving money by repairing it themselves or with a third party, they

have to bring the product to the manufacturer to fix it. Most of the time it is unfixable, or they inflate the repair costs to encourage the customer to purchase a newer product. Car companies, for example, make specific parts to their brand. They have custom parts so that only they can repair and supply them. Electronic companies make products fail after a certain amount of time so that the user will buy the newer device. This strategy is good from a manufacturer's perspective because they make more money from it.

We have generally accepted this practice as a consumer because we don't look into it enough. We believe the price for repair that they tell us, and instead buy a new product. It seems like the better thing to do because in the end, we get an updated, new thing. People don't question this practice enough, unfortunately. This is also bad because of the environment. This is a wasteful practice. Instead of fixing a little damage, the companies encourage you to trash it and buy a new one. This is extremely wasteful, and worsens the environmental issue of garbage.

Personally, I am not okay that these companies make us buy the new product. If a repair costs next to nothing, then spending $1000 on a new phone is a waste of money and materials. Oh, and be sure to pick up some of my merch:

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