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Patreon Description #1

Hey there, welcome to Timeworks!

We create what we call 'mediocre content' (idk why, I just love the word mediocre)

You can watch our various episodic series on YouTube, which tell fantastic stories in the form of short films.

Or, you can watch our vlogs, which features me & my deranged family freaking out or doing something crazy.

And then there's our random skits & memes. They are purely for comedy, or sometimes satire.

Join us as we continue to make videos, and do more crazy things as we go along!

If you are already a fan or even a patron, then thank you so much. You are what keeps us going because it is great to see that people watch & care about our content. The only reason we make videos is because we love to, and people like you love to watch them.

Patrons, your contribution helps fund the production of our videos, as well as support our everyday lives (basically it prevents us from getting a boring old job and putting less time into the channel). So, thank you all so much.

(also I am a huge fan of Harry Potter & Doctor Who, so if that means anything to you then there you go)

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1 commentaire

06 juil. 2022

I like how you put the end part.

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