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Old Mayor, New Election

Recently the city of Airville has had another mayor election. Sir, general, doctor, captain, mayor, gay-sir, Bob Murrphy Jr. has been elected as Airville's new mayor. Bob M. Jr. is an Octan member, back in power. Where did the old mayor, Harry, go? Well, he is starting a new business called Chaka Corporation, which is getting famous fast. For the, "Top Companies In November" chart, first is Octan, then Chaka Corporation follows. In third is Bob's business, BMJ Enterprises, which in October was second, while Chaka Corporation was third. What Bob says he will do for the city is by quote, "Make it better", "Expand the city", "City will increase in business and overall life and overall happiness", "Strong safety defends and better health care", "Support Team America", and ,"Make sure everybody has a kick butt awesome time". 99% of citizens are wondering how he won, after there was a force vote last time to get him out. Let us see what this new mayor brings us!

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