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Octan Military Undergoing Changes And Reveiw

Recently, Octan was forced to send out many troops to fight in a battle. Most fighter jets got destroyed. Many soldiers died. Octan recently created new security drones. All of these new drones and countless robots were also destroyed. "It was a big battle, more than we were prepared for. There were 2 separate forces who were attacking us. One was the Imposters and the other were "aliens"." says Octan military general Sir. B. Cop. The battle resulted in the death of many robots, a family, soldiers, and others. That is why Octan has added extra protection around Octan Tower and we will continue to add advances to the military. They have some good new stuff, but they do not want to give anything away. They are going to make new security drones, which will be smaller and better than the others. They are only 1x1x? in size. Octan is in the middle of a secret cargo transfer. They say these crates are loaded with important supplies and objects needed to help improve the military.

Pictures from this operation:

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