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Post from the Timeworks Submissions Subreddit:

Hello NICK HERE! I have finally gotten around to adding new moderators here! Gonna reach out to the ones I have selected right after I post this, so check back later to see who they are :) I have also redone the rules, so please read them! Notable rule changes are in Rule 2, where I explain that Rick Rolls are allowed as long as they are original and not reposted. New features are allowed, but known features will be removed. Low quality posts, including low quality Rick Rolls and new features posts, will be removed. Self promotion will be removed unless it provides value, meaning more value than just self promo. Finally I want to remind everyone that the very very old subreddit rule of "Timeworks-related only" is not applicable. If you wanna post a meme that you think I would enjoy, in compliance with the new rules, then sure :) The New Timeworks Submissions Rules: Rule 1 // Respect Everyone No bullying, racism, sexism, or making people feel unsafe, threatened, or hurt. This includes offensive jokes, shaming, and doxxing in any form. Keep all conversations & posts respectful, civil, and drama free. Rule 2 // No Spam Or Reposts No spamming the subreddit or comments with images, videos, links, repetitive words or letters, self promotion (that doesn't add value), or any other low quality content. This includes misinformation and reposts. Rick Rolls are allowed as long as they are not reposted. New YouTube features/glitches posts are allowed, known features/glitches are spam. Rule 3 // No Inappropriate Content No posting links, images or videos of graphic or insensitive content - this includes pornography, gore, sexual questions or comments, and inappropriate topics in comments or posts. Rule 4 // Use The Flairs Properly Read the flairs before posting anything. Rule 5 // Follow Reddit User Agreement Violating the Reddit User Agreement will get you banned and reported. Rule 6 // Listen To Subreddit Staff & Their Decisions If you feel their actions were unjustified please submit a private inquiry at Rule 7 // Failure To Follow The Rules Will Result In Mutes & Bans You may also receive warnings or bans for off-subreddit behavior, including in DMs, other subreddits, or other social platforms. Failure to read these rules will not be considered when warnings or bans are issued. Ban appeal forms can be found at

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