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New President

After the great 'Master Builder' revolt, citizens are growing angry at Mr. Business. They voted him out of office, introducing a new presidential election. Fast forwarding a few months, the results were in. The new president is now among us, Mr. David Murrphy, brother of Bob Murrphy Jr. Dave Murrphy, owner of BMJ Enterprises, has been going through a rough time recently. His brother's tomb at Airville Beach has vanished, and nobody knows where it went. Still, Dave is remaining strong, because he knows he has a country to lead. Mr. Business has recently lost Octan Tower. Octan is currently in a lot of debt, resulting in the loss of their biggest facility. Chaka Corporation, a big film company in Airville, has bought the facility to use as a studio. Currently, Mr. Business is working at the town hall, alongside Airville's new mayor, Jen. A lawsuit is in the making against Mr. Business regarding the recent events that have occurred.

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