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NEW! Energy Raskull Released

Bob Murphy Jr., Airville's old mayor, criminal, scientist, and C.S.A. agent invented a new thing to his industry. A new energy drink/pop that is called Energy Raskull. They sell their product right outside of the mall, which is also known as the Grand Emporium. Although it is really good and it works great, there is also some bad parts. First off, Energy Raskull sells for $20 a can. That is a bit expensive, but it's not as expensive as the overpriced coffee at The Coffee Chain. The city has put in new recycling bins. One for paper and cardboard, one for trash, and one for cans and glass bottles. The city recently added those because they hope that instead of throwing cans on the ground, people will sort them properly into bins to give some rest to the hard working city workers. There is a major benefit for Bob Murphy Industries, because their stand is portable. Other business owners are losing customers because they don't go inside, they stay outside and wait in the huge long line for some $20 pop. The Coffee Chain is worried that they are stealing all of their construction workers from across the street. The workers usually go to The Coffee Chain for some coffee, but, since the stand is just 2 doors away, they are switching their preferences. There has also been leaked information from the town hall, which is a proposal from Bob Murphy Industries. They proposed the idea of a business tower for their industry. It was to add a BMJ Tower. Octan Tower is the tallest building in the world, and that is where President Mr. Business works for the country and Octan. Should he be worried about this pending proposal, which means there is more competition? Probably not, because Octan is the worlds top business to ever exist. It would be pop versus gas and almost everything else in the world. Thanks for reading and be sure to try out some Energy Raskull.

Writer John Ahbell

New Bins Placed By The City

The Coffee Chain

The Grand Emporium

Large Line For Energy Raskull Stand

Front Of The Line

Energy Raskull At It's Stand

The Construction Site

City View With Octan Tower

Octan Tower

Street View Of Town Hall Where Mayor Is

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