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Net neutrality is the best state of the internet where every website and application is equally accessible. This includes no manipulation of internet speeds or varying costs for specific

websites. It states that prices and speed must be the same for every website and application. Net neutrality positively effects internet access because it keeps everything equally accessible. It keeps the people in control, which is how it should be. It does not favour any website, service, or application over another. Net neutrality prevents greedy money opportunities for companies who already charge so much. Net neutrality does not negatively effect internet access at all. The only way free internet could be viewed as negative is through the eyes of companies, who only want money. Net neutrality limits the amount of money they could make.

Net neutrality is a big issue in the United States, and it needs to be dealt with. Here are three links regarding net neutrality. The last one is against it, as it is sadly required through the criteria:

Companies should be able to make more money if they choose to. The whole point of a company is to make money and grow. However, there are boundaries for it. Internet providers can make more money by doing many things. They could have new types of plans, or exclusive deals, or a reward points system. Who knows what they could come up with,

Ajit Pai, the most hated man in the world.

that's why they have an ideas board. These providers start to cross the line when they decide that they should favour different sits over the other. Sure, it can be a great source of revenue, but this effects freedom of the internet. The internet is free to all, and is required in today's world. It should be accessible by everyone because it is needed for living these days. If one wants to get a job, they need the internet for contact. Payments are becoming digital, and require internet. Effecting this will effect the entire population (of the United States, for now) negatively. Making people pay for something that used to be free creates problems. It is certain that bad things will happen to these companies if they choose to continue.

Cities providing internet access like they do with water and sewage is an excellent idea. It is needed by everyone, and if it is accessible everywhere, people would save money and things would be much more convenient. In Canada, internet is a basic human right. This adds to the argument that it should be easily accessible with no or limited payment. Companies should be able to make a profit off of internet, like companies do with food. The only thing is that they should not be able to favour access to websites over the other. Companies that sell food do not favour access to types of food over the other. Here are some articles about cities that either provide or are thinking about providing internet to their citizens: (Go to the list of cities that provide it)

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