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Mute Appeals Rules V1

Type t!open to open a ticket here

Do not DM the bot - your ticket will be declined. Type t!open HERE

If you do not make a ticket, we will not unmute you - even if you DM us asking to unmute you.

By opening a ticket, you confirm that you have read this:

Any unnecessary usage of the ticket bot will result in punishment. Spamming in tickets or trying to use the ticket to gain xp will result in a warn.

People often get muted for sending the same message 4 times in a row. If you KNOW about this auto-mute system and still do it anyways, your mute appeal will be declined. Just because we unmute you doesn't mean you get to abuse the system.

Your mute duration depends on your number of infractions and previous behavior.

Finally, if you get muted by a staff member, do not leave the server. If you leave, the timer glitches, and your temporary mute becomes a permanent mute. So instead of you getting automatically unmuted when the time is over, you stay muted until a staff member unmutes manually.

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