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Is the Current Airville Mayor a Good Mayor?

The current mayor of Airville is not a good one. He said he would add more homes, but no new ones have been built. He talked about a better health care system, and is that why there is no hospital or ambulance? The ambulance is just a stretcher carried by two hospital people, who run around Airville with sirens on the stretcher, and they share the new fire station with the firefighters. He has done renovations, but said he would add healthier restaurants, so is that why there is two donut shops and a hot dog stand? Not to healthy! He has added in another coffee shop, like he said. But, he also said that he would increase the taxes for a little bit, until the economy is wealthy. People have moved OUT of Airville due to no money. From the interview, they also took a picture of his money "stash", and said that that is almost all of the money in Airville! He said he would add more businesses, and that is why there are more people out on the streets!!??!! People have not been being payed because of this "money-hog" mayor, so that is why people have quit their jobs and now things are not getting fixed!!

Houses that Bob Murphy Jr. Did NOT put in the city.

The "ambulance" going into the "hospital".

Sirens that were added on to the "ambulance".

The renovated fire station.

An unhealthy food stand.

A coffee and donut shop.

Another coffee and donut shop.

Bob Murphy Jr.'s money "stash".

Damaged things that are not fixed due to no money for jobs, so the workers quit:

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