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Hello, We Are BACK

So, Green Defenders are back! We did leave, but not totally. We were disconnected from the internet but were still acting in real life. We have done lots, but aim to do better. This update is just to check up with everybody and make sure you guys don't worry. Anyways, keep up the good work, Green Defenders!


Green Defenders


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Top 10 Companies of October 2021

1 Palace Cinemas 2 Brick Bull 3 L-E-G-O Radio 4 Chaka Corporation 5 Airville Airlines 6 BMJ Enterprises 7 Grand Emporium 8 Octan 9 LHL 10 The Coffee Chain *Based on previous month

Unofficial Timeworks Upload Schedule!

Hello everyone!! As I have many YouTube channels, I feel it might be best to share my general upload schedule. Sometimes I may be late on some but this is generally what happens each week: Sunday // T

Podcast Ping Role

You can now obtain @Podcast Pings in #🎭|roles to get notified every time there is a new episode of the Dmanious Podcast!