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Gaming On Timeworks?

hi i was thinking about something

Timeworks Gaming is cool and all, but I feel like it isn't given a huge priority compared to this channel. The idea I have right now would change that:

So, I've been considering doing gaming videos again on THIS channel. I've done a bunch of Minecraft before on Timeworks in the past and it got some pretty good views, unlike Timeworks Gaming.

What I'm thinking of is potentially adding back the gaming content to this channel to mix in with all my current videos, and rebranding Timeworks Gaming AGAIN to have the full unedited cuts of the main gaming videos that would be on here... so if you wanna watch the full long boring version with no edits, then you could on Timeworks Gaming... I think Dream does something like this actually lol

this would also kinda officially make Timeworks the main MAIN channel, while shorts and extended gaming and bricks would be obvious side channels

+ it would allow more focus on gaming videos if gaming videos were main videos

What are your thoughts on this?

Gaming again on Timeworks, or keep gaming on Timeworks Gaming?

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Matthew Miron
Matthew Miron
2022년 4월 06일

Hmm your on the right track, but as someone who does long form gaming content as the Landedkiller show and it’s side channels. I must say that your going to need to focus on shorts content instead rather than long form content.

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