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Frolic Friday Channel Rules

Hello everyone!

We're more than aware that a large amount of people join the Timeworks Discord server looking to submit a post for Frolic.

However, we've seen an increased amount of members misusing the ⁠#⚡|frolic-friday channel, and by that we mean that the rule of only Timeworks-related content being allowed in that channel has been constantly broken by several members.

We understand your great excitement to submit a post in our Frolic channel and have it seen without the need of upvotes, however to prevent spam, flooding, etc we had to apply the Timeworks-related-only rule. Only posts directly related to Nick are allowed.

Please remember to abide by it as violation of that rule also means violation of rule #4.

Breaking this rule from now on will lead to punishment eventually, and if you're told by staff to remove a post (even for an unrelated reason), please do so!

Remember to join the Timeworks Database server to see public logs of bans and warnings. Banned members can join so please disable DMs!

Thanks for your attention!

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