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Facial recognition is a system for identifying the face of an individual. This system has many uses that have been very convenient for their purposes. Facial recognition has recently replaced passwords for the newest Apple device. It is almost fool proof, with a one in one million chance of hacking it. It has also been used in video games, where it is used to tell the difference between players. This makes it easier to play the game without players having default skins. Another use is to authenticate people when paying for something. When making a transaction, a pin is required to verify the identity of the person paying. Facial recognition makes it easier to do this, as it replaces the pin. Facial recognition has also been used by the military to track and identify people. An example of this is in China, where they use city-wide CCTV cameras and this system to identify and track everyone. If really good cameras such as the Gigapixel is used (A camera that remains great in quality even when zoomed close from very far away), then everybody could be monitored, from any distance. Really good cameras plus advanced facial recognition technology makes it really easy to identify people.

How facial recognition works it very simple but effective. The system recognizes important facial details, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. It then applies the information to a database to identify the user. The database will have the user's information saved. Either the user manually adds it (Video games, logging in) or the person may not even know (Military surveillance). If the person changes their facial appearance, such as by shaving, tanning, or heavy make-up, it will still recognize the user. This is because it uses the triangular data from only the main physical features, as stated above. If the user had surgery or an injury that altered one of these features, the system will probably not recognize the person. This system will not work through a mirror, or with a picture of a person because the data has to be specific to the saved data

There are multiple advantages and disadvantages to this technology. An advantage to facial recognition is that it is very convenient. This system replaces normal passwords, which take a longer time to enter. Facial recognition saves time and energy. Another advantage is that it will only work for the one person it is supposed to work for (99.9% of the time). It will not open for respond to anyone except for the authorized person. This makes it really secure, and as it is relatively newer technology, there are not many known hacks. Another advantage is that it can be used to identify people in certain situations. This can also be argued as a disadvantage because a big number of people believe this to be an invasion of privacy. Another disadvantage is that if the device used is stolen, all the thief has to do is quickly hold the device up to the owner to unlock it. Another disadvantage is that if the owner undergoes a facial injury that severely alters the face, the device will no longer recognize the owner.

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