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Timeworks Discord Shut Down

Hello Timeworkers :)

This is the end, but the moment has been prepared for. The Timeworks Studios Discord server is now shut down, but remains viewable to everyone who wants to look back on it's history. Think of this as the Timeworks Museum! You can see old chats about PewDiePie vs T-Series, the Quarantine chats, the time our server was raided by YouTube bots, and so much more. I always will always consider you my friends and will always love what was. And who nose, maybe we'll reopen one day :O But until then, that's the way she goes :)

yes my DMs are open and constantly checked, if you have video ideas or want to chat you can DM me!

Archiving this server was a hard decision but I do feel it is for the best. I will always love the memories made on this server and I promise: I will never ever forget them, I swear. These have been the best of times, and I love you all. Fly On💙

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