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Discord Rules V7

Rules for the Timeworks Studios Discord Server:

1 | Respect Everyone

We have zero tolerance for bullying, racism, sexism, or anything that makes others feel unsafe, threatened, or hurt. If someone asks you to stop, then stop. This includes offensive jokes, political shaming and threats, which applies both on the server and in DMs. However, swearing is allowed, unless directed at another member. We have zero tolerance for doxxing, intentional or not, which includes revealing faces, names, locations, or any other personal information that would rather be kept private. All conversations and voice chats must be kept respectful and civil. Starting drama or toxic conversations is not tolerated. Finally, treat new members with respect - simply put, be kind.

2 | No Spam

Spamming or flooding the chat with phrases, lyrics, emotes, or random letters is not allowed. This includes reaction spam as well as ‘ear rape’ in voice chat. Keep in mind, sending the same message four times in a row will mute you.

3 | No Inappropriate Content

Absolutely no posting links, images or videos of graphic or insensitive content - this includes pornography, or blood and gore. This also includes no sexual questions or comments (jokes are fine).

4 | Use The Channels Properly

Use the channels correctly. If you are unsure what to post, read the channel topic before sending anything. For example, #⚡|frolic-friday and #📣|promotions both have specific rules that can be read in it’s channel topic. Failure to read the topics before posting may result in a warning.

5 | Respect Server Staff

Listen to server staff and respect their decisions. They have the final say and arguing with their choices will result in a warning. If you feel their actions were unjustified, do not say anything - instead please send a DM to @Timeworks#0001 directly. This rule is taken very strictly and respect is expected. Please refrain from pinging @ADMIN, @MOD, @Timeworks#0001 and especially @Sarah Geronimo#2002 with exceptions of emergencies - unnecessary pings will result in an immediate warning.

6 | Respect Discord's Terms of Service

You must comply with Discord's Terms of Service to be in this server. If we find anyone violating these terms we will have no choice but to ban you - for example, being under the age of 13 is not allowed.

7 | Punishments

Mods and admins have the final say when it comes to what happens if someone breaks a rule. Punishments vary from warnings, kicks and bans - depending on the severity of the offence. If you reach 3 warnings you get banned without hesitation, so take these rules seriously. If you were muted and want to appeal this, please see #🔇|mute-appeals .

8 | Failure To Read

Failure to read these rules is not an excuse and will not be considered when warnings or bans are issued. The reason we have rules is to make sure the server is a fun place to be, so please comply with them. By participating in this server it means you have read the rules, and have verified by reacting to the message below.

That's all! Have fun!

Once you have read these rules, react to the message below with :bird1: to be able to talk:

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