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Discord Rules V4

Here are the rules for the epic Timeworks Studios Discord Server. Please read them so you have an understanding of what is allowed!

1 | Respect Everyone:

This includes no racism, sexism, or any other “isms.” Making people feel unsafe or threatened is not acceptable. Bullying, impersonation, or threats both on and off the server (DMs) will not be tolerated. Keep all conversations respectful and civil. These also apply for voice chats (NO EAR RAPE PLS).

2 | No spam:

This one is pretty simple. Nobody likes to have to scroll through hundreds of lines of someone saying “Sub4Sub.” This also goes for voice chats.

3 | No NSFW or inappropriate content:

There is no room here for graphic or insensitive content - absolutely no images or links that depict pornography, or blood and gore. Bans and warnings are at the Mods’ discretion.

4 | Use the channels properly:

#⚡frolic-friday is the place to post submissions for Frolic Friday. Only Timeworks-related submissions in this channel are allowed, anything else should be posted on the r/TimeworksSubmissions subreddit. #😂memes is the only channel for posting memes, unless relevant to a conversation in another channel. #🎙mic_muted is for the music bot. #💭suggestions is only to give suggestions for future content. Finally, #📣promotions is for aspiring creators to feature their videos, channels, and other passions. Read the about section for rules regarding this channel.

5 | Respect all mods and admins:

Listen to server staff. In the end, they have the final say when it comes to what happens if someone breaks a rule. The punishments range from warnings, kicks, and bans, depending on the severity of the offence and the member’s history on the server. Refrain from using @admin or @mods with exceptions for emergencies.

6 | Do not argue with staff:

In addition to rule 5, you may not argue with any staff. Their judgement is final. If you feel like you have been treated wrong by staff, DM an admin and ask for help.

7 | No political shaming:

This is a friendly server where we are all humans. Shaming someone for their political views will result in a warning and possibly a ban

8 | Respect Discord's Terms of Service:

You must comply with Discord's Terms of Service to be in this server. If we find anyone violating these terms we will have no choice but to ban you - example: using Discord under the age of 13 is against the Terms of Service, and will result in a ban.

That's all! Have fun @everyone!

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