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Discord Rules V10

Timeworks Studios Rules:

Rule 1 // Respect Everyone

No bullying, racism, sexism, or making people feel unsafe, threatened, or hurt. This includes offensive jokes and doxxing in any form (names, faces, location, personal info). Keep all conversations respectful, civil, and drama free.

Rule 2 // No Spam

No spamming chat with images, videos, links, pings, commands, repetitive words or letters, emotes, or anything else that floods chat. The same goes for voice chats; no spam or hurting ears.

Rule 3 // No Inappropriate Content

No sending links, images or videos of graphic or insensitive content - including adult/inappropriate discussion in all chats.

Rule 4 // Use The Channels Properly

Some channels have certain rules that apply to them, so always read the channel topic before sending anything.

Rule 5 // Follow Discord Terms of Service & Community Guidelines

Violating Discord terms & community guidelines, including being under 13 and under the age of digital consent in your country, will get you banned and reported to Discord.

Rule 6 // Listen To Server Staff & Their Decisions

If you feel their actions were unjustified please send a DM to another staff member and request that they forward it to the admins. Refrain from pinging any staff member with exceptions of emergencies.

Rule 7 // Failure To Follow The Rules Will Result In Warnings, Kicks And Bans

You may also receive warnings or bans for off-server behavior (DMs, other servers, other social platforms). Severity and amount of warnings will determine a ban. [Warn](<>) and [ban appeal forms](<>) can be found on the [Timeworks website](<>), and to get unmuted go to #❗🔇|muted.

By participating in this server it means you agree to follow these rules. Thank you and Fly On!

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