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Chaka Land Being Built

Airville city has approved the construction of a new amusement park, Chaka Land. The park has been sponsored by Dave Murrphy. He was allowed to come up with a name, but, "BMJ Park" and "5 Flags" are not good enough. The city voted out those names. The park is directly beside Skyfall Towers. The completion date that was set for January 2016 is now January 2017, although they have made some progress. Chaka Land so far has the front entrance, a carousel, decorations, and some mini booths/games. The park is expected to be done in June this year or in late December this year. If all plans go well, Chaka Land will have many stands, food carts, a Ferris Wheel, a mixer, and other rides that we are not allowed to mention. The city is also voting on a Kwik-E-Mart, which seems to be appearing in various cities around the world. They are also thinking of adding more residential houses. The city has voted to build a new detective office due to so many mysteries in Airville, and a barber shop may come as well. Dave Murrphy has been asked to live in Skyfall since it is in memory of his brother. The city also wants his house gone because it takes up too much valuable space in the city. The city has contacted him to tell him that his house may get destroyed. It can happen now, because he had a 30 days warning. The city has emailed, phoned, and mailed him but he didn't respond. He could have prevented this, but now there is the possibility that it will happen.

The current view of Skyfall Towers

Kids watching Chaka Land construction

View of Chaka Land through entrance

The carousel in Chaka Land

Chaka Land so far

Overview of Chaka Land

Spot where Ferris Wheel may go

CL at entrance which stands for Chaka Land


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