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Chaka Corporation: What We Own

What we own

We are a corporation that produces many things. Some Things We Own Are: TheChaka, Chaka Entertainment, What's My Name?, Royal Krize, TK, Green Defenders, TheOfficialDextro, Dextro, Chaka Theater, LEGO Craft, SFX Productions, TPE, AAA, GWEG, LEGOPOWERMASTER, SirChaka, LEGO Craft, Chaka Craft, Chaka Laboratories, LEGO Potter Productions, L-E-G-O Radio, Octan News, Nutroz, Jimbob Mumberdew, InfinityBricks, Airville (LEGO City), harrypotter6430, ECA, NAG, Muggles N Fings, Airville News, CSA, and Electric Spear Studios. Some of these are discontinued.

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