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Boxside Bridge May Be Gone

Boxside Bridge in Airville supports train tracks that allow trains to be moving over a cliff. But since May 3, 2013, the Prime Minister of the country that contains Airville, has decided that the bridge is not safe. Sometimes the big cement blocks holding the tracks are moving, causing the trains wheels to move off of the tracks, due to the train moving up, then down in a slant. Sometimes tracks on Boxside Bridge come apart, causing train delays, and can lead to injuries. On May 4, 2013, the 3:15 PM train crashed, due to tracks shifting. Some engineers think that it is the amount of coaches that the train is carrying causes the problems, so some coaches have been set in the country's storage hall, in a container. Emily Consher says that she takes the train to work every day, and every time she and the train passes over Boxside Bridge, she feels the train shake, and she sees the tracks on the bridge move off of the cement blocks. Engineer James Roberto, says he was operating the train when the whole train fell off of the edge of Boxside Bridge. Before it fell, he said he saw the tracks on the bridge almost fall off the cement blocks.

Picture of Boxside Bridge

Overview of Boxside Bridge

Side view of Boxside Bridge

This train has come to a halt after spotting broken tracks

The Prime Minister of the country that Airville is in

Overview of Boxside including the bridge

Container that extra coaches are being held

Drawer level where the container is being held

The country's storage containers

Picture of Emily Consher at the train station

James Roberto in a train

Close up of James Roberto

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