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Bob Murrphy Jr., We Remember

Between a previous battle between Octan and the Kreo(Not™), sir, general, doctor, captain, mayor, gay-sir, criminal, scientist, and SRU agent Bob Murrphy Junior died in battle in the beginning of December. He was killed by an unknown Kreoian(Not™). Later, the Kreoian(Not™) was killed by our robot, IG-89. We remember Bob, and pray for his wife and 4 kids, who he never really loved. His recently obtained post as mayor, again, has been taken by the runner up. In Bob Murrphy's will, he left everything he owned to one person; his brother. Bob went into a bit more detail with it and gave his company, BMJ Enterprises (Which, since his death, is operating poorly), his car, his house (Also know as Bob MJ Records), his 4 kids (If that's even possible), his wife (Again, is it possible?!?), his titles, his position as general in Octan, his money, criminal records, and all of Bob's other possessions. Octan, after hearing that his title was actually given away by will, has fired his brother because the do not know much about the man. The Police Department, on the other hand, has accepted him and keeps his titles there because of how he fought with his brother in the war. In Bob's will, he also left a tiny note. It said that he wanted to be buried on Airville Beach. Octan, giving the man his last wish, accepted. He is in a stone casing with a knight on top. Octan has also decided to build a new tower in Airville, also known as Skyfall Towers. The new owner of BMJ Enterprises named it, and Octan slapped a title on the building, "In memory of Bob Murrphy Jr." The construction has started about a week ago and is expected to be done at the start of 2016, or earlier. President Business says that, "This building will give our fragile city a head start in evolving and becoming more modern" He also said that, "Being modern gives our city something it needs to increase in population and reputation.", and, "If the construction goes well, I might reconsider tacos", whatever that last one means. -Writer John Ahbell, with assistance from the LEGO is Awesome, Kreo(Not™) is not Foundation

The stone tomb with the knight of Bob Murrphy Jr. at Airville Beach

Bob MJ Records

Bob's brother outside Airville Police Department

The construction of Skyfall Towers

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