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1 - MicroLED TV | "The Wall" by Samsung

"The Wall" is a modular microLED TV that displays visuals in very good quality, without the need of colour filters. It uses microLEDs, rather than normal LEDs, and are much smaller. The TV itself can be customized to fit desired shapes. It is really durable and strong, and is

super thin. This is a significant product because it takes up less space than a normal TV, and looks a lot nicer. It also enhances the experience with the device, which is good because almost everyone uses a TV.

2 - Face Unlocking Car | By BYTON

Another product from CES 2018 was the car that you can unlock with face control. The vehicle uses facial recognition to be able to get inside. The car also has a big screen dashboard, to be able to control it. In addition to everything, the car also monitors the

driver's blood pressure and heart rate. This is a significant product because it provides additional security to vehicles. The doors will not open unless the person wanting to get in is the actual owner. It also makes driving more safe because it can warn the driver of any potential health risks.

3 - HyperFlux Mouse | By Razer

Razer has come out with a new mouse, called the HyperFlux mouse. This mouse is wireless, as well as battery-free. The mouse gets an electric charge from the mouse pad

itself, inspired by recent wireless charging technologies. This is significant because the mouse still has the same amount of reliability as a wired mouse, and is more convenient because it is technically wireless. This new technology will be appreciated by many and can be switched to wired mouse for travel purposes.

4 - Phone With Fingerprint Scanner | By Vivo

Unlocking a mobile device with a fingerprint was a dream by many, and is rumored to be in the iPhone X and Samsung Note 8. It was only a matter of time before this technology

was actually created, and now, it has been done. Vivo has made a phone with a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, which actually works. This is significant because this is a groundbreaking step in security and passwords, and will be much more reliable that face recognition. This technology will definitely come up again very soon.


1 - Smart Underclothing | By Spartan

With an increase of new technology with rather dangerous electromagnetic fields,

technology needs to exist to protect people from damage to health. Spartan has made underwear that protects men from almost all radiation caused from wireless technology. Wireless technology has been reported to cause infertility in some men, due to radiation waves (It is recommended to never put a laptop on a lap). This new underwear will block these health risks.

2 - My Special Aflac Duck | By Aflac

This product is just brilliant. This toy robot duck was designed to help children with cancer. The duck was designed from input and advice from many doctors who have been

with these children, and has been made to help the kids effected by cancer. The duck has low level AI, and can sense when it it being touched or held. It reacts and responds to these different things. A child can communicate their feelings to the duck by touching the duck with a card. The duck will act based on the card. For example, it will quack happily if met with a happy card. This duck is perfect because it provides a friend for these children, and helps them get through the tough situation.

3 - Short Story Dispenser | By Short Edition

The short story dispenser was designed as an alternative way to kill time. The

dispenser allows the reader to select a desired reading time, and will dispense a short story on a receipt-like paper. The stories are original and has been reported as very interesting. This is significant because it promotes reading in a world that is so caught up in social media. This technology is a refreshment to the world.

4 - Robotic Pillow | By Somnox

Somnox's robotic pillow is a pillow that simulates sleeping next to another person. It

simulates the experience using sensors and motors, and is perfect for people in need of therapeutic sleep. It helps regulate breathing , and can make people sleep longer and wake up more naturally. This is significant because while this pillow can help people physically, it can also make some people less lonely. It is kind of sad, actually...

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