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Are There Any Planets At or Past the Oort Cloud?

There are many rocky objects near the oort cloud. The oort cloud marks the edge of the solar system, so there aren't any planets PAST it. The only plantets past the oort cloud are other planets in other galaxies. The oort cloud does have some rocky bodies (Planets, or asteroids) in and around it, though.

The Oort Cloud is at the oiter edge of our solar system

Some of the rocky bodies can be planets, but they are classified as dwarf planets. Pluoto is very very close to the oort cloud. Eris is basicly inside the oort cloud. In the year 2000, there has been a discovery about other rocky bodiesin the oort cloud. These objects, may be planets, but just to small to be a planet, or even dwarf. Some dwarf planets in the oort cloud from the discovery are called Sedna, 200 CR, 2000 SQ, and 2008 KV. They are all dwarf planets in the oort cloud.

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