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Airville International Airport Construction

As more and more people visit the beautiful city of Airville, it becomes more crowded. People who come from other areas usually arrive by train and plane. Boats and cars are also popular, but not as much as planes. Recently more and more planes have been landing of the runways of Airville International Airport, and it gets more crowded inside every day. President Business says that, "We need to find a solution for this transportation situation. We are going to place the airport closer to the train station, and we will make it bigger." Octan is preparing for the expansion, so this means that the airport will be as packed as ever, but it needs to happen in order to expand. This will also help with the cargo system. At the cargo area, Airville gets trucks, trains, and planes. Octan states that if we expand and move the airport, it will give more room for the cargo area. They also say that not only will more planes, trucks and trains will arrive there, but they could also include a loading dock so cargo ships can come in.

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