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A Timeworks Halloween // Final Showdown

Hello everyone! The Timeworks Halloween event has been judged and the winners are here!

You were asked to post in #halloween and now the time has come to announce the winners!

5th place // Son of the Son of Best Dad (78 points)

4th place // Meeverse (78 points)

3rd place // I was the best on the server btw (84 points)

And now, first and second place:

The Final Showdown!

The final 2 will compete against themselves as they vie for one title that will change the artist industry in Timeworks Studios.

But this time, the game just turned around! No more creativity or originality, the final round will focus on one important element in artistry and that is content. So even if you're the great at drawing, if you can't convince us that your art wins then you can't win.

Good luck ParsonDewey and Eve, producer of tears!

1st and 2nd place winners will be announced tomorrow!

To see the art that won, visit this link:

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