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A Pure City

On Sunday, June 28, 2015, President Business made an appearance at Airville Town Hall. There, he gave a speech on a new order he is bringing in. He said that currently, our LEGO city is made out of 99% LEGO bricks. The other 1% is MEGA BLOKS. He said that our old president has made us a mixture of different brands, and that we should be pure LEGO. "Us LEGO needs to stick together", said one persuaded citizen after his speech. Octan confirms that they have a prison cell filled with MEGA BLOKS, BTR, Kreo(not tm), and others. They are all mixed, even the imposters are in there. If you see any imposters or see any non-LEGO bricks in the city, please call Octan and report it. You may receive a cash reward depending on how many pieces there are. Octan is currently going through Central and are tryign to remove all non-LEGO elements.

President Business at Airville Town Hall Giving His Speech

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