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MrBeast Surpassed T-Series

MrBeast surpassed T-Series and is the most subscribed channel!


YouTube recently had a glitch where everyone's verification badges were replaced with the YouTube artist badge. This glitch affected all verified YouTube channels but was only visible on mobile, but why was this a thing? In this video, I look into this YouTube verification badge glitch, and explain why YouTube removed the verification badge temporarily, and who this verification badge glitch impacted. Why did YouTube remove the verification badge and change it for everyone? Why does YouTube glitch sometimes? Find out here to learn about these weird YouTube glitches...

Frolic Friday #180

We found a hidden video on YouTube - which is a secret error message video that is on an official YouTube channel! This unlisted video is titled "Video Not Available" and is the error message displayed when you get an error on YouTube videos. This means that we have found the raw file from YouTube itself, making it a crazy YouTube easter egg!! This is YouTube's secret error message video! In addition to uncovering YouTube's secret error message videos, we also look at fan posts and memes on the subreddit and Discord together in this Frolic Friday :)

Main Short

A new 20 million subscriber play button has been revealed! This new 20 million subscribers award has been given to National Geographic back in 2022, and it has finally been found! The YouTube 20 million subscribers play button is the 2nd rarest YouTube play button in the world, so this new one is a very interesting find. The design is in the shape of the National Geographic logo, with the YouTube logo in the very middle. So check it out here as we look at this super rare 20m subscribers play button!

Member Video

I try the McRib from McDonalds for the first and last time of my life and rethink everything...


LEGO Fortnite madness, blowing up so much stuff with dynamite!


I got a bunch of epic LEGO sets today, including both LEGO Ideas 21338 A-Frame Cabin and LEGO 76406 Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail Dragon! These are such cool sets with really cool details, from an awesome cabin with beautiful trees to an epic dragon with wings that really move!




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